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Machine Sales including Warner & Swasey 1SC M5000, M5020, 2SC M5060, M5090, 3SC M5240, SC25 M4500


Total Machine Service on Most Brands of Domestic and Foreign Machine Tools, Conventional, NC & CNC Lathes, Mills, Grinders, Machining Centers and other Manufacturing Equipment


Warner & Swasey Replacement Parts, Timken Precision Tapered Roller Bearings, Fafnir Bearings, Kaydon Bearings, Allen Bradley 7300 Series Circuit Boards 

Remanufactured and Retrofitted Machinery For Sale

SDI Asset # 4279794

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Warner & Swasey 3SC/24 Lathe
bulletModel M5240
bulletFanuc 18i-TA CNC
bulletNew Digital Spindle Drive
bullet75 HP
bulletChip Conveyor
Chuck Size: 24"
Maximum Swing Diameter Over Turret Bar: 39-7/8"
Maximum Swing Diameter Over Turret Face: 18-7/16"
Longitudinal Work Area: 33-5/8"
Tooling OD Cutter (Qualified): 1-1/2 sq. x 6"
Bore In ID Holder:   4"
Number of Turret Stations: 12
Turret Length: 20-3/4"
Longitudinal Stroke: 15"
Cross Stroke: 12-3/4"
Maximum Motion Rate: .01 to 250 IPM
Motor - Heavy Duty DC Variable Speed: 75 HP
Spindle Speeds: 19-838 RPM
Spindle Nose: A1-15
Thru Hole in Spindle: 8-1/4"

Floor Space (Approx.) With Cabinet Doors Open:

206" x 124"

Shipping Weight (Approx.)

32,500 lbs.
Equipped With: Coolant Pump, (6) Plain Heads, (6) Turning Heads, Air Chucking Cylinder, Chip Conveyor

Please call for pricing on the above listed machinery.


SDI Asset # Machine Description Price/Each
3549750 Verson Allsteel Press
bulletModel HD-1-48
3789770 Kent Industrial Grinder
bulletModel KG3-300AHD
4069785 American Geared Head Engine Lathe 
bullet26" x  54"
4109788 Skywitch Maxi Scissor Lift
bulletModel 7722-SPE

Warner & Swasey No 5 Ram Turret Lathe 

Model M4660



Pratt & Whitney Vertical Jig Borer

Model 3B


24" x  55" Table


Pratt & Whitney Vertical Jig Borer

Model 2A-M-1620


22" x 44" Table

4969963 ALMCO Coolant Recycle Machine
bulletModel AC1-70DE
55910020 Warner & Swasey SC25
bulletModel M4500
bullet60 HP, GE 1050 CNC  Control
57110031 JLG Boom Lift
bulletModel E300AJ


Air Compressors
bulletGardner Denver 
Chucks, Cylinders and Adapters
bulletAir & Hydraulic Cylinders
bullet107522000B - 20" Cushman Air Cylinder
bullet2 Jaw Chucks
bullet2-3 Jaw Chucks
bullet3 Jaw Chucks
bulletSP 18" CC 3 Jaw Power Chuck
bullet    2 Available, New and Slightly Used
bullet2 Jaw Manual Chucks
bullet2-3 Jaw Manual Chucks
bullet3 Jaw Manual Chucks
bullet91-179-15-204A S2 - 15" Cushman 3 Jaw Manual Chuck; A-11 Spindle Nose
bulletM2326 - 24" Warner & Swasey 3 Jaw Manual Chuck; A-15 Spindle Nose
bullet4 Jaw Manual Chucks
bulletM1610 - 15" Warner & Swasey 4 Jaw Manual Chuck; A-11 Spindle Nose
bullet18" Cushman 4 Jaw Manual Chuck; A-11 Spindle Nose
bullet6 Jaw Manual Chucks
bulletPower Chuck Wrench Assembly Unit
bulletM-4543; Used and Remanufactured
Allen Bradley 7300 Series Circuit Boards

Part #


7300-ACRT1 Cathode Ray Tube
7300-AKBE MDI Keyboard Assembly
7300-AMBA2 I/O Rack
7300-AMBG2 Processor Rack
7300-AVPB1 Main Power Supply
7300-PDR Processor Door
7300-TTR EECO Tape Reader
7300-UAE I/O Multiplexer Interface Module
7300-UAF I/O Rack Multiplexer Module
7300-UBA2 Main & Sec. Control Panel Interface Module
7300-UBA3 Main & Sec. Control Panel Interface Module
7300-UCE CRT/MDI Interface Module 60 HZ
7300-UCI T/R & Punch Interface Module
7300-UCJ DNC Interface Module RS-232-C
7300-UCQ T/R & Punch Interface Module
7300-UDB Analog Servo Output Module +10 VDC
7300-UIA 115 VAC Contact Monitor Module
7300-UIB 24 VDC Contact Monitor Module
7300-UIG Single Ended Analog Input Module
7300-UMA Resolver Feedback Module
7300-UMC Diff Encoder Feedback Module 12 VDC
7300-UME Resolver Feedback Module
7300-UOD 24 VDC Relay Puller
7300-UOJ 115 VAC Solenoid Driver Module
7300-UPG2 Processor 4K Memory Module
7300-UPG3 Processor 8K Memory Module
7300-UPG5 Processor 8K Memory Module
7300-UPH Memory Interface Module
7300-UPI Processor Panel Interface Module
7300-UPJ1 Microcontrol Module
7300-UPJ2 Microcontrol Module
7300-UPJ5 Microcontrol Module
7300-UPK1 Arithmetic Logic Module
7300-UPK2 Arithmetic Logic Module
7300-UPK3 Arithmetic Logic Module
7300-UPP Processor Panel Interface Module
7300-UPV1 Processor 32K Memory Module
7300-UPV2 Processor 64K Memory Module
7300-UPW Processor Panel Interface Module
7300-UPX Microcontrol Module
7300-VDK MDI Keyboard Logic & Control
7300-VDM MDI Keyboard Switch Module
7300-VDZ Feedback Board/Resolver
7300-VHA Processor Panel Interface Submodule
7300-VPB Main Power Supply Control Module
7300-VPC Power Supply Regulator Module
7300-VPD Distribution & Filter Module
7300-VPE Memory Power Supply
7300-VPT Memory Power Supply
bulletAC Motors, Single Phase
bulletAC Motors, Three Phase
bulletAC Servo Motors
bulletAC Spindle Motors
bulletDC Servo Motors
bulletPeerless-Winsmith Servo Motor

183-18-0814-0; Frame # DHR56V

bulletDC Spindle Motors
bulletReliance 50 HP Spindle Drive Motor with Blower

GE 50 HP Spindle Drive Motor with Blower

Warner & Swasey Tooling
bulletAB & AC Tooling
bulletBoring Bar Sleeves
bulletS.C. Tooling
bulletSolid / Split Type Tool Holder Bushings - Styles B or J
bulletTurret Lathe Tooling
Replacement Parts
bulletTimken Bearings
bulletFafnir Bearings
bulletKaydon Bearings

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(817) 845-5454
(817) 640-1090
Postal address
P.O. Box 201807, Arlington, TX 76006-1807
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Rick Bomer -, Deb Bomer -, Rodney Bomer -

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