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Total Remanufacture

Southwest Dynamics Total Remanufacturing program renews the useful life of outdate and/or non-performing machine tools. SDI rebuilds the entire machine to at or better than OEM specifications. At the same time, we implement state-of-the-art drives, electronics and CNC. You will find our Total Remanufacturing a unique and economical alternative to purchasing new equipment. We even over an exchange program to get your production ramped up even sooner.

Key Benefits

bulletRevitalize non-performing machines into money-making assets
bulletBecause your machinists already know the machine, training time is minimized
bulletExchange program reduces costly down-time.

Southwest Dynamics has a Warner & Swasey 3SC/24 - Model M5240 Lathe in stock that has been totally remanufactured and retrofitted. This machine will be available to ship approximately 2 weeks from receipt of purchase order and can be inspected at our facility.  

Look at our current Renewed Machine Inventory for detailed machine description, specifications and photos.  

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